Build Your Own Log Cabin Incense Smoker
Seiffener Volkunst

Build Your Own Log Cabin Incense Smoker

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Fancy having a go at making your own Incense Smoker?

This kit provides craft set pieces made from wood for you to build your own incense smoker depicting a log cabin.

Simply construct the cabin following the instructions (wood glue not included), place a burning incense cone on the metal plate and watch as the smoke drifts from the chimney filling your room with scent. (Instructions are in German and will require translation)

This makes a quirky gifts for the loved ones in your life or the perfect weekend craft project for you, perhaps you could add colour to your finished smoker to make it truly unique?

Height 9cm

Each smoker comes with free incense cones

Incense cones may only be used on a fireproof base and under supervision.