Incense Smokers (Räuchermann)

The Räuchermann was first mentioned in 1850 and is now a intrinsic in German Christmas tradition. For this, an Incense cone is first lit and then put on the lower half of the two-part wood figurine. The hollowed-out upper part is placed over the lit cone, which burns down inside, the smoke gently drifts from the mouth of the Räuchermann. which gives them their name "smoking men". The incense cones are available in many flavours and each will fill the room with a beautiful and evocative  scent. 

Several kinds of figurines exist, traditionally representing craftsmen of the region, such as foresters, peddlers, miners and soldiers. Today, they exist in many more forms the most popular being Santa Claus and The Three Wise Men. Each one is steeped in tradition and is hand-crafted using age old techniques and tools. 

During Christmas time Räuchermänner are displayed together with Schwibbogan (candle arches), miner figurines, angels, and Christmas pyramids.