Squirrel Fence Topper
Squirrel Fence Topper
Squirrel Fence Topper
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Squirrel Fence Topper

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A COR-TEN® Weathering Steel Squirrel for displaying as a Fence Topper. 

Our Fence Toppers are designed with ease in mind. To install all you need is a couple of screws, a screwdriver, and a little elbow grease. Pick your desired display location, fix in place, and enjoy!

The Squirrel Fence Topper was designed by Harvey and made out of 2mm COR-TEN® Weathering Steel sheet.

The Squirrel will be supplied in an unrusted state for it to then rust naturally in your garden.

The red squirrel is an adorable little critter - the only native species of squirrel in the UK. Unfortunately it is estimated that they could become extinct in the UK in as little as 10 years, partly due to the introduction of the eastern grey squirrel.

Width: 180 mm

Height: 185 mm

Depth: 60 mm