Zetor Tractor with Blue Trailer and metal discs
Zetor Tractor with Blue Trailer and metal discs

Zetor Tractor with Blue Trailer and metal discs

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Efficient, strong and durable - that's exactly what the Brno manufacturer's models are! And ours from KOVAP are too. Would you like to please a ZETOR fan? Get therm a fully functional Czech sheet metal tractor. The trailer delivered with the tractor has a folding back frame. And while playing with it, you can hum the song – I’m driving a tractor, it's a ZETOR,…

The movement of this functional model is provided by a unique clockwork wound with a key. The gearbox has 3 gears forward, neutral and reverse. The tractor can be controlled by the steering wheel and it can even be stopped by the hand brake.

  • 100% Czech product
  • Beautiful handmade craftsmanship
  • Safe Toy Certificate - suitable for ages 3+
  • Scale 1:25
  • Key drive
  • Product dimensions: 30 x 9 x 9,5 cm

How to operate: Pull the parking brake, insert the key in the hole in the right back wheel, pull clockwise until you feel stronger resistance.

Place the tractor on the ground, gear the speed you want, adjust the driving direction with the steering wheel and release the parking brake. The speed (direction of travel) varies according to the gear selected.


Never wind up the mechanism to the left and do not tighten it up, it could be damaged.

By following these tips, you can enjoy and have fun with our tractors much longer.

EC type-examination certificate No. 17 0392 T/NB