VW 1200 Beetle
VW 1200 Beetle
VW 1200 Beetle
VW 1200 Beetle
VW 1200 Beetle

VW 1200 Beetle

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It is one of the longest produced Volkswagen cars with the largest number of pieces produced without design changes. The beautiful Beetle!

In 1931 Ferdinand Porsche and Zündapp began to develop the "Auto für Jedermann" (car for everyone), using the name "Volkswagen" for the first time. Porsche preferred a flat air-cooled four-cylinder engine, but Zündapp used a water-cooled five-cylinder engine. In 1932 three prototypes came out. All these cars were destroyed during the war, the last one in 1945 during the bombardment of Stuttgart.

 In 1933, Adolf Hitler approved the draft of Porsche's design of the Volks-Wagen (“folk car”), a simple car capable of transporting two adults and three children at 100 km / h. The car was supposed to be accessible for all citizens.

The model from 1969 is made of powder coated sheet metal and operated by a clockwork mechanism wound by a key.

- 100% Czech product

- Beautiful handmade craftsmanship

- The car is 11cm in length

- Safe Toy Certificate - suitable for ages 3+

- Scale 1:32

- Key drive


    Never wind up the mechanism to the left and do not tighten it up, it could be damaged.

    By following these tips, you can enjoy and have fun with our toys much longer.

    EC type-examination certificate No. 17 0392 T/NB