Summer Meadow Pyramid

Summer Meadow Pyramid

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Manufactured by Knuth Neuber in the famous toy village in Seiffen, this whimsical pyramid that turns with the heat of 4 tealights depicts a summer scene. In summer the plants are in full bloom. The scent and the lush green of the meadows invite you to linger outdoors. This is exactly the feeling conveyed by the "Summer Meadow" pyramid. The high-quality figures and animals move effectively on four different levels, and the large fruit tree is already bearing the first fruits.

Knuth Neuber in the famous toy village of Seiffen is an Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain) art workshop with a long tradition. In 1892, Emil Neuber founded the workshop for the production of wooden kitchen utensils and table decorations, and soon the author of the long family tradition also began with the production of wooden toys. In the meantime Christian Neuber, who was trained as a wooden toy maker in his own company, has followed in the footsteps of the founder's great-great-great-grandson. After his father Knuth, his father Holger, his father Hans, his father Arthur and his father Emil Neuber, the history of the family business now has spanned over six generations!

Please note – do not leave burning candles unattended, when the candles are lit make sure that the pyramid rotates. If the pyramid stops rotating whilst the candles are lit extinguish the candles immediately and check for obstructions or dirt that may be the cause.

Height 23cm