Dustbin Incense Smoker

Dustbin Incense Smoker

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Manufactured in the Seiffen region of Germany by Eva Beyer - this quirky incense smoker is the perfect gift for almost everyone in your life! Simply remove the base, place the incense cone on the metal plate, light it and put the Dustbin back on and watch as the fragranced smoke drifts from the open lid and fills the room!

Eva Beyer, who is a trained industrial clerk, felt inspired by the work of her father, who worked for years as a designer and product designer. Manfred Preißler had often taken his daughter to the workshop at home to test figures and shapes together with her. In this way she acquired knowledge about the theory of proportion and a variety of techniques. She began to produce her own sketches and drawings of Smokers, and soon the first prototypes were created. In 2006 Eva Beyer finally built up her own company - with rapidly growing success. Eva Beyer works in her manufactory in Seiffen, together with six hard-working employees dedicated to the production of the smart smoking figures. Nowadays, more than 70 different motifs are created.

Height 15cm

Each smoker comes with free incense cones

Incense cones may only be used on a fireproof base and under supervision.