Susi "Goat Legs" Sandel Incense Smoker

Susi "Goat Legs" Sandel Incense Smoker

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The origin of the unusual name goes back to a time when many of the Crottendorf farmers could not afford a cow to produce milk and therefore kept goats. The residents of neighboring towns then gave the Crottendorf residents the nickname 'Goat Legs'.

Because the wooden figure represents a smoking incense candle, it was given this name.

Minor changes in design and color are possible with Susi Sandel.

Simply remove the base, place the incense cone on the metal plate, light it and put the top back on and watch as she smokes gently from her mouth. A great gift and a whimsical talking point for visitors!

Height 13cm

Each smoker comes with a free trial pack of incense cones

ATTENTION Incense cones may only be used on a fireproof base and under supervision.