Bee House Incense Smoker
Bee House Incense Smoker
Bee House Incense Smoker

Bee House Incense Smoker

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Manufactured by Ralf Zenker in the famous toy village in Seiffen, this whimsical wooden  incense beehive is suitable for standing or hanging. The little bees that adorn the smokehouse are particularly cute. Raise the hive, place the incense cone on the metal plate, light it and put the hive back on.

Ralf Zenker was founded in 1990 by Volker Zenker, who at that time still focused on candlesticks and classic snowmen. In 2002, the first designs of a very special genre were created - the Zenker snowman from turned balls was brought to life and the little figures soon became very popular. The company's trademark also remains the decorated tea and candle holders, as well as other Christmas decorations such as Christmas tree ornaments and pyramids.

Height 13cm

Each smoker comes with free incense cones

Incense cones may only be used on a fireproof base and under supervision.